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We are currently working on the following issues in the LONGDENDALE Ward:

Tesco Hattersely
Tesco’s proposal to build a huge store in Longdendale is about to go before Tameside’s planning panel.  We’ve been canvassing your thoughts about the proposal.  Read the full story here. (Or choose from the top menu above).  [currently being edited]

Broadbottom Station Recycling Site
The well used ‘bring’ site at Broadbottom Railway Station was removed in September 09.
We’ve been campaigning for its return. Read the full story here.

Brown Bin Collections
Residents in the Ward are complaining that their filled brown bins are not being collected.  Conservative  Cllr Beely has been trying to get the situation improved. Read the full story here.

Rottweilers ‘policing’ our streets
Our Labour controlled Council are spending taxpayers money to hire private security guards with Rottweilers, at the same time they refuse Conservative’s call to put more uniformed officers on the beat. Read the full story here.

Longdendale Bypass
This is the largest long-running issue so it has its own page, accessible from the top menu, or by clicking here .

If you would like to add an issue to the list please get in touch (via the ‘Contact Us’ option above, or enter your details in the ‘Reply’ box below).

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