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Freedom to Campaign?

Council Leader in attempt to silence his critics

The Conservatives have recently been put under pressure by Council Leader Roy Oldham and his Borough Solicitor, to issue a forced retraction and public apology concerning a story in our September Hattersley Newsletter.  The story concerned Councillors expenses (click here to read more).  We’ve got broad shoulders and are not worried by a bit of bullying, but we are concerned at the heavy handed use of taxpayer’s resources to try and limit what we consider to be legitimate political campaigning.

This episode comes just a month after another Labour Councillor used taxpayer funds to print and deliver a letter to residents criticising our Broadbottom recycling leaflet.

We affirm our democratic right to criticise Labour’s performance in Longdendale.  We do our legitimate campaigning entirely with our own resources; designing, printing and delivering our own newsletters.   If Labour wish to rebuff and rubbish our efforts, they should do that through their own campaigning and using their own funds.

What they must not do is to not use taxpayers monies and the time of Senior Council Officers to protect their own egos or bullying their political opponents.

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