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Broadbottom Station Recycling

peter and tom using the bins

Peter & Tom using the facility before its removal

After losing two other recycling areas in Longdendale, Broadbottom’s well used Station site is the latest to disappear.

Local residents and commuters have been turning up at the site only to find the facility has disappeared without notice.  Some have still left their items, perhaps hoping the bins would return.

We believe the loss of the facility has been caused by your Labour Councillors being asleep on the jobWe are campaigning for the well used site to be returned and improved and the Council’s whole recycling policy to be a little more ‘joined-up’.

Labour Councillor Parker-Perry appears to be the responsible for the loss of the site and is upset with our campaigning on this issue. Clearly uncomfortable at being held to account, he chose to write a tax payer funded letter to households, accusing “a political party” for distributing a “misleading” leaflet about the recycling site.  Our ‘Recycling Axed’ headline in our last Broadbottom newsletter may have annoyed him, but it was far from misleading.

  • 36 months ago, (yes, three years ago!) pressure from local residents led to £10,000 being allocated to improve the site, yet by September 09 nothing had changed.
  • The removal of the recycling bins was not (as he now claims) part of Councillor Parker-Perry’s master plan for the site. It was done because Network Rail had issued a legal ‘notice to quit’.
  • We believe the cost of sending the letters would have been better used to communicate what was happening with the site before it was axed.

With virtually no communication on the subject for 30 months, and the site having disappeared without warning, he wants you to believe that he is totally on top of the issue.  Judge for yourself.  The first we heard of the master-plan came just one week after we gave him a public wake-up call.

Whilst they wait for the site to return, Broadbottom’s residents (many who live in homes unsuitable for additional wheelie-bins) are using the site opposite the Waggon Pub, but the increased volume often means this site is overflowing, and often missing the particular bin you’ve made a journey to use.

Overflowing Bins at 'The Wagon' site

Your Local Conservatives hope a master-plan does emerge, and the site is quickly reinstated and upgraded. It is does return, it will be triumph of democracy.  For more than 30 years, the residents of Longdendale have been represented only by Labour Councillors on the Labour dominated Tameside Council.  This will be a fine illustration of why the cosy Labour cartel needs to be broken.

Have you got any comments about recycling in Broadbottom?
Let us know using the ‘Contact Us’ page above, or leave a comment in the box below.

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