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Rottweilers ‘policing’ the street

Outcry as Labour chose Rottweilers over more Police

Would you prefer a Uniformed Officer on the beat, on the Council's militia with a dog?

The Labour Controlled Council is spending taxpayers money hiring private security guards to ‘police’ the streets.  The story first appeared in the Tameside Reporter on October 29th, featuring a photo of a security guard with his Rottweiler dog used for patrolling the streets of Tameside, supported with comments by Labour.

Residents have been questioning the wisdom of the policy, concerned that its undermining the role of the Police.

We believe its fundamental is a democracy that the police are identifiable and accountable, and we think the prospect of civilians with Rottweiler dogs patrolling our streets would actually make people feel less safe.

John Bell (Tameside Conservatives Leader) said “it shows a complete failure in Labour’s policies on law and order that they feel the police are no longer the answer”

The story has added irony as the Labour controlled Council are resisting calls from the Conservative opposition to put more Special Constables and regular Police Officers on our streets.

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