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Peter Hayes, Longdendale Conservative Candidate

Local Candidate, PETER HAYES

Peter lives in Longdendale with his wife and young daughter.   Having had experience at senior level in industry, where he was in charge of over 100 staff, he is now enjoying the very different challenge of running his own small business.

“I left school at 16 and found an excellent apprenticeship in engineering.  I then took quite a gamble to leave a safe and steady job to study Engineering & Management at Liverpool University but fortunately it paid off”  said Peter.  “I  joined Pilkington, the glass company in St Helens when I graduated and they sent me to Glossop for a “2 week” project.  There was plenty to do and I ended-up staying there for 5 years (!) and moving to Little Hayfield”.

Staying with the same firm he won promotions which then took him to South Wales and back to St Helens, before a relocation to Belgium where he led a 100+ sales team selling £1million a day from 12 factories around Europe.   That led to another job in Amsterdam for the tyre industry.

After all that travel he decided to start his own business and return to the UK.  Having the choice of the whole country, something was pulling him back to Longdendale, so he bought a home in Broadbottom 10 years ago”.

Peter is not new to campaigning.  “I hadn’t been in Broadbottom too long before I led a successful campaign against later pub opening hours where the pub in question had been going through a difficult period.  More recently I led a campaign against the concreting-over of the ‘village-green’ behind the post office in Broadbottom. We made a campaign video, got the press involved and got 170 signatures on a petition, and the daft idea was soon withdrawn”.

He is now excited about harnessing his energies into representing the people across the whole of Longdendale, and working against the local Labour monopoly for a better deal for residents.

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