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Tesco Hattersley

Tesco are proposing to build a huge store on the land opposite McDonalds in Hattersley.  They are promising local jobs and new civic amenities, but residents we have canvassed are very concerned by the proposals.  You can send us your comments by returning the questionnaire we’ve delivered, or using the form below.  You can also cast your vote in our survey, on our ‘home’ page.

The proposed layout of the new store

For those that have a feel for the traffic flows in the area, it should be noted it is proposed that all cars using the site will have to enter and exit from Ashworth Lane.  The road shown at the top of the diagram, connecting the store to the M67 roundabout, is just for truck deliveries.

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  1. Chris Barrow permalink
    September 10, 2010 2:55 pm

    I would like to add twopen’worth to the proposed scheme for a new tesco superstore at Hattersley.

    The pro’s and con’s for this scheme are in my opinion the following :-


    Jobs for the area, though you must bear in mind that Tesco usually draft in Management, Department Managers and Supervisors from other stores offering them promotion to fill the positions. How do I know this ? I’ve worked for tesco’s.


    1) Levels of traffic will increase. On top of the traffic that the surrounding villages cannot cope with at the moment.

    2) The effect on local small traders. We have already lost a lot of these over the years.

    3) We already have a preponderance of
    ” Superstores ” in the vicinity –
    Tesco – Glossop.
    Tesco – Stalybridge.
    Tesco – Droylesden.
    Morrison’s – Hyde.
    Morrison’s – Dukenfield.
    Morrison’s – Denton.
    Sainbury’s – Ashton.
    Sainbury’s – Denton.
    Asda – Hyde.
    Asda – Ashton.

    Plus numerous Aldi, Lidl and Co-op stores in the area.

    4) The increased disturbance and inconvience to the local residents of the immediate vicinity of the proposed development.

    Has you can see this development doesn’t really have a lot of For’s in its favour.

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