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Candidate Peter Hayes at Mottram lights

Longdendale’s longest (and slowest) story!

The 30 year saga that represents the Longdendale Bypass is the single biggest political issue in Longdendale.  It had divided neighbourhoods, even families.  With the planned funding now being spent elsewhere in the region, it appears the topic is no closer to being resolved.

Such is the scale of the topic we’ve given it a dedicated page and will be adding more content here soon.  In the meantime, follow the links to read the first two stories:

Is Councillor Roy Oldham the Bypass Hero or the Bypass Villain? Click here to read more

‘Bypass 2.0’  Everything we can find-out about the new much shorter bypass (which isn’t a lot!) Click here to read more

Is Councillor Oldham over-promising yet again? Click here to read more

We hope soon to bring details about De-Trunking & applying a Weight Limit to the A628

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