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Bypass 2.0?

With plans for the Bypass in tatters, Labour Councillor and Council Leader Roy Oldham is desperate to keep us believing he will eventually deliver something.

He was incandescent with rage when  with the Highways Agency wrote directly to us all, confirming the Bypass is definitely off.   His response has been to rush out his own letter claiming the Bypass was still on, and has slammed the actions of the Highways Agency during an unscheduled speech to the local District Assembly meeting.

Alderley Edge Bypass is well under way. Will Roy Oldham ever get to do this?

He is now claiming that AGMA (the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) has ‘agreed to identify’ £100 million for an alternative scheme.  But after 3o years of unfulfilled promises, I wouldn’t bet your house on it happening any time soon.

Some details of the ‘alternative scheme’ have finally emerged in a series of public consultation meeting (Feb 2010).  The new plan is to bypass just Mottram with traffic rejoining the original route at a new roundabout on Mottram Moor.   The roundabout will also receive traffic from a new spur road from Glossop.

Residents of Hollingworth will do doubt be concerned that the £100 million plan will do little for them, and may even make the situation in their village worse.

We agree with that concern, and also fear the new roundabout will become overloaded at peak times as it will handle exactly the  same traffic flows as the current junction at the Gun Inn.

Cynics may fear that the timing of the meeting has much to do with the forthcoming local elections in May, when Councillor Oldham is up for re-election.   The consultation meetings certainly described none of the hurdles the new road still has to clear.  Studying the AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities) minutes shows the plans have to again win the support of other local authorities – which is exactly where plans for the first (full) bypass got kicked into touch.

If you know more about this than us, please get in touch!

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